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Pricing of Sale

     When deciding of the price you wish to sell your home at, ask yourself the following questions: how much was spent on additional upgrade? What are you including in the price of your home, appliances, furniture, patio furniture, BBQ's, etc. Consider leaving any extras out of the offer and use them as leverage when negotiating the price of your home. What have other houses in this neighborhood sold for recently? What does your house have that theirs didn't? By making a list of all your home's features you will be able to get a better idea of how much it's worth. Don't be shy to boast about renovations and upgrades; home buyers like 'new things'.

     To officially determine the price of your home, you will want to hire an independent appraiser (see Who to Hire). He or she is well aware of current market trends and will be able to provide you with an unbiased opinion as to the cost of your home. Believe it or not, appraisers are also affected by the interior and exterior 'look' of your home. The more expensive it looks, the higher its appraisal value.

     Most homeowners will intentionally market their homes at rates higher than the average. Individuals do this expecting that bidders will offer less than what is stated at market value. Be reasonable, have a set amount that you will not go below and price the home up to $5000 more than its been estimated at; you may be pleasantly surprised.

     Don't be afraid to refuse an offer. If the amount proposed is far less than you expected, say no. You've invested too much time and money into this process to not make a profit.

     If you can, wait until the spring/summer to sell your home. Potential buyers want to see lawns, driveways and roofs. The market value of your home will increase anywhere from 1-3% during warm months. There will be more traffic and in turn, more offers. You may even get lucky and there will be a bidding war: a competition between buyers to purchase your home.

     You will also want to make yourself aware of mortgage and market trends. When mortgage interest rates are low, the number of homes purchased increases dramatically.

     Because there are many more homes than there are buyers, you face stiff
competition. You have to make your house the most appealing it can possibly be. Make sure to ask your realtor for additional information related to increasing the value of your home. They're the experts, so you might as well use them.