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Selling - Who to Hire

     When you decide you are ready to sell your home, you will want to hire a team of skilled professionals that will make the selling process as enjoyable and profitable as possible. Locating these individuals can be as easy as opening the phone book, though it's a good idea to seek referrals from friends and family who have acquired such services. The following is a list of people you may wish to hire if you are selling your home.

Appraisers: Vendors generally get an appraisal done prior to sale of their home in order to ensure proper market value. An appraisal will stop you from advertising too low, in turn attracting buyers that are genuinely interested in your home. Appraisers use current market trends, the condition and size of the home and his or her expert opinion when determining the value of a home.

Home Inspectors: A home inspector's job is to evaluate the condition and safety of a home. Both vendors and buyers can hire home inspectors; depending on the law in your area, it may be mandatory. Inspectors view the home as a systematic interaction of components; they check every possible component to make sure it is working properly on its own and in sequence with its dependant parts. Home inspections take approximately two to three hours and can cost up to $400, depending on the size of the home. For the price of the inspection you will receive a detailed outline of everything examined as well as suggestions for repairs. Most states and provinces have regulatory bodies that register home inspectors and as such, locating one of these professionals should not be difficult. The Internet is a great resource, as is your realtor.

Lawyers: A lawyer is an essential part of the home selling process, and though they are not necessary by law, they will protect your legal interests when selling your home, and will prove to be invaluable when considering offers of purchase. They will make you aware of all legal issues relating to your home sale and will ensure that all documents are drafted, signed and delivered in a timely manner. Most real estate agencies do business with specific lawyers, and as such you many benefit from using the lawyer that your realtor uses.

Real Estate Agents: There are two types of real estate agents; those that work for the you, and those that work exclusively for the buyer. Agents that work for you receive their payment as commission after the sale of the home. An average rate is 6% of the home's value, though when interest rates are low, so are commission rates. Realtors are great for networking as they can recommend appraisers, inspectors, and lawyers. A good realtor will make you aware of every aspect of the selling process.