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Selling - Finalizing Deal

     After you receive the final Offer to Purchase, you will be required to give a copy of the agreement to your lawyer, to ensure that all conditions are met. After the previous tasks have been attended to, you will be provided with a form that will confirm the price of the home, the amount to be paid to you and the balance of the down payment; this is called the Statement of Adjustment.

     Now that you have finalized the sale of your home, you must pay all necessary parties in order to receive you profit. You have to pay all lawyers, outstanding property taxes as well as any utility adjustments. You will also have to pay the realtor's commission, and any outstanding mortgage debt.

     The last thing you have to do is vacate the location. The date the new owner's receive their keys, that is, the possession date, may be different from the closing date. It will be more beneficial to you if you do your best to accommodate the new owner's situation. In order to avoid any last minute complications, include the possession date and time in the final Offer to Purchase.

* You may benefit from reading the HOME BUYERS if you plan on purchasing a home after selling your current home, or even if you're just interested in seeing what buyers are looking for.