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Real Estate Listings & Classifieds

     Real estate listings/classifieds come in a variety of forms and are essentially used by realtors and independent home vendors to market their product, i.e. real estate. They are searched by millions of potential home buyers every day and are the most effective way of advertising real estate.

Placing a Listing
     Even before you know where to place you listing you must know what to include in it. Consumers are visual people; they want as many pictures as one can fit into a listing. Though this may not be possible for all types of listings, take advantage of it when you can. When describing the property you have for sale make sure to include the following information: location, style of the home, age of the home, price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, proximity to amenities and any features that consider 'marketable'.

     If you are a looking to sell your home and have acquired the services of a real estate agent, ensure that they are aware of all the available avenues for listing. You have to be competitive. The goal is to reach as many serious potential home buyers as possible. You have to take a multi-dimensional approach to placing listings; don't think that just because you're in the USA your house may not appeal to some one relocating from Europe. Aim at all possible targets!

     The most effective way to reach a wide audience is to list your home or property on the Internet. If you have a realtor, they will be able to place your listing on their local web site as well as the web sites of all of their affiliates and sister companies. Many web sites make their money according to the amount of traffic they receive, and as such, it may be possible to list your house for free. The following is a list of the top rated Internet real estate listing search engines in the world.

Top Rated Real Estate Listing Web sites
Location Company Name URL
International Escape Artist
USA National Association of Realtors
Canada Canadian Real Estate Association
Europe Blue Homes

Direct Media
     Though the Internet is an amazing source for real estate listings, one can never underestimate the power of direct media. If you are looking to sell your home fairly quickly, you will benefit most from traditional classified advertisements. Depending on where you live, all of some of these resources may be available to you. In addition to your realtor advertising in their local real estate magazine and on television, you can also place classified advertisements in newspapers (many of which are then place in the 'classified' section of the electronic version), your local buy and sell, as well as in your areas free real estate guide. Remember to provide pictures whenever possible!

     If you are a potential home buyer there are many resources at your disposal. Depending on where you live, you will be able to obtain classified listings from a variety of sources, including those listed above.