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Style of Homes

Prior to deciding what style of home to buy, you should make a list of all the features you want in your home, this can be done independently or with the help of your real estate agent. Make sure that your real estate agent retains a copy of this list so that he of she may use it when selecting homes for you to view.

     The style of home you choose will not only reflect your current budget, but your lifestyle as well. There are many styles and models to choose from, and as such, it would be beneficial to decide what type of home you would like prior to commencing your search.

Bungalow: A bungalow is a form of single family detached home that has no upper levels. It is generally smaller than a detached home and costs considerably less.

Duplex: A duplex is a single structure that has two units on top of one another. A duplex is generally owned by one person who either lives in one unit and rents the other, or rents both units.

Executive Town Home: An executive town home resembles a town house in that it is a row of conjoined homes, however, it is laid out like a duplex, with two units on top of one another.

High-rise condominium: High-rise condos are residential building that contain condominium units; considered more upscale than an apartment unit. Owning a condominium is not the same as owning a home, see Housing Options.

Link or carriage: Link homes are joined by garages and sometimes basements. They may considered a condominiums, freehold town homes, or houses, depending on the seller.

Manufactured Mobile: A manufactured mobile home is one that is built by a company and then transported to the desired location.

Single family detached: A single family, detached home is an independent structure that occupies its own lot and is inhabited by one family.

Semi-detached: A semi-detached home is a dual residence that is combined into one structure and divided by a conjoining wall.

Townhouse: Town houses, sometimes called row houses, are one of many individual homes joined by common walls.