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Real Estate Marketing

     Marketing your property is perhaps the most important aspect of selling your home. A trained real estate agent will be aware of all the marketing techniques that will provide maximum exposure of your property in order to ensure that you get the highest return on you investment. As an independent home seller you too may benefit from the many strategies employed by successful real estate agents.

     In order to sell your property in a time effective, economic manner, you will first have to explore every possible marketing option. Remember, your intent is to reach as many potential buyers as possible.

     If you are a real estate agent or considering this rewarding line of work, you will benefit greatly from the techniques listed below. If you are an independent home seller, the first four points will be sure to decrease the time you spend and increase the amount of money you receive when selling your house. If you have already hired a real estate agent or a considering this course of action, make sure your representative is aware of, and explores all, possible marketing avenues.

The Internet: If you want to target more than your local market, create a web site. There are still many web site providers that offer free web space in exchange for advertising. They're user friendly, cheap and effective. You can also place free Internet advertisements.

Classified Advertisements: Though they may seem conventional and outdate, don't under estimate the effectiveness of classifieds. Place them wherever you can: news papers, cable real estate channel, buy and sell, real estate magazines, everywhere.

Display Advertisements: Don't forget the traditional 'sign on the lawn'. Your neighbours will be inclined to tell any potential buyers that a home in their neighbourhood is for sale.

Network: Tell everybody you know. Attend home buyer workshops and meet key players.

Business Cards: Try bright magnet business cards, they're practical and persuasive.

Get the Media Involved: Invite everybody and anybody to open houses. Have a barbeque and invite your local radio personalities.

Development Representatives: They can refer anyone buying resale your way.

Previous Clients: Old contacts are the gateway to new contacts